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How to prep your vehicle for towing

It is pretty common for us to show up for a tow, and the customer not be ready for us. This can lead to extra billing like cleaning charges and waiting times. To ensure that you avoid extra billing, follow these steps:

  1. Take off anything that is not secure: this can include car covers, or loose parts that are hanging by a thread. Usually it is best not to send your car away with these issues. Even if your loose items are going with the car it is better to secure them in the cab or the trunk. No cab or trunk?: you can bag loose items and we'll make sure to deliver it with the vehicle.

  2. Clean any debris off your vehicle: This can include leaves & needles left by nearby trees, snow, or even mud on your dirt equipment.

  3. Clear a path for the vehicle to move: If your car is in a fenced yard, please make sure to take down or move the fencing before we get there. or if you have a neighbour that blocks your driveway, put a pylon out before they have the chance. The most common reason why we bill extra is because we cannot access the vehicle with our trucks.

  4. Know where the keys are: or if you are unable to be there when we tow your vehicle, let us know where the keys are. Please don't lock them in the car either as we cannot provide unlock services.

Following these tips can ensure that we deliver your vehicle for our quoted price.

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