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What we need to know!

Most of the time when we get a call, we ask the same questions. For simplicity, know the answers for these questions:

  1. What do you need hauled? (car, truck, forklift, scissor lift, etc.)

  2. Make and model

  3. Identifying number or features. (unit number, licence plate, etc.)

  4. Is it over-dimension? (tall, wide or long, please let us know)

  5. Where is it being picked up? exact address please, and include details such as from the back-lane

  6. Where is it going? again, we need an exact address

  7. Site contacts for both the delivery and pickup

  8. What is wrong with it? we usually don't tow vehicles that you can drive, but we still want to know.

  9. When do you need it moved?

  10. Where are the keys or special instructions for starting?(eg. kill switches or a door that does not work)

Having the answers to these questions can save lots of time. We charge based on the weight of the vehicle and the time it takes. If we have incorrect information, not only can it mean that we will charge more than you expected, but it can also mean that we are unable to haul it at all.

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